Anonymous asked : Woah you are so talented!! I love the Sooyoung drawing! You made her super curvy though keke. She is a stick in real life, super, super skinny, delicate and petit, like a flower. <3 But your drawings are amazing, what program do you use to draw?

aw thank you so much! Thanks haha I haven’t watched many SNSD vids so I uh just drew my default body type that I draw. <33 the Sooyoung drawing was done in PS CS5 with a flat brush with 60-80% opacity. But I also use SAI often too! :D

Anonymous asked : *does the tango with you, rose and all*

* apologizes for stepping on your feet*

Anonymous asked : Thanks so much Rohayna! Hope 2013 is fabulous!
Anonymous asked : Your Cold Magic fanart is amaaaaazing! Will you be doing any more? Possibly some with Bee? Possibly some with Rory? <3

Hi! :) Thank you so much! <33 Yes, I will definitely be doing more, in fact I have one I will be posting later today. :D

I am also working on Bee and Rory. I haven’t exactly figured out how I picture them so~ :)

Anonymous asked : Your art is lovely. Have you ever, or would you ever, draw Eddis? There's so little art for the Queen's Thief fandom.

Aw thank you so much!!

I am working on drawing Eddis (and Sophos) as well! I haven’t figured out how I picture either of them yet so that’s why there’s no art of them yet. 

I’ve noticed, hopefully no one thinks I’m spamming the tag. xD

Anonymous asked : I just LOVE your art and especially your "what I wore today" drawings :) you're talented!

I…um…I’m seriously speechless.

Ahh. Thank you so much! I am grinning and I really don’t know what to say. Thank you so much!! <33333333

Ah! Thank you! I should probably do more WIWT drawings ha. Thanks!!

Anonymous asked : I like everything about you.

Awwww thank you so much! Idk what’s the reason for this random love but I’ll take it. :D

Anonymous asked : Are you a dementor? Because you just took my breath away.

Anonymous asked : The amount I've seen you improve since I first started following you never ceases to amaze me.


Thank you so much!! 

Anonymous asked : The only critique I have to offer is that I wish you'd stop shying away from drawing hands. You've been making major improvements with anatomy but please don't think you can't draw hands when you're practicing too! :)

Thank you! :) I’m trying that as well. I can draw hands on their own but when it’s part of the whole piece my brain just goes “?????” xD

Thank you!

Anonymous asked : kiss time (smooch)